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Translation Company in Dubai certified by Ministry of Justice

Alsun Translation is a certified translation Office in dubai providing top-notch legal, financial, technical, marketing, medical and business translation services in 50+ languages through 200+ qualified native translators all over the world. We provide fast, affordable and quality translation services that meet all your business needs and requirements. You can just send us your documents and let our fingers play!

Alsun Translation is duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and its translation is accredited by all embassies, courts, governmental and non-governmental authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

Dedicated Team of Certified Translators in Dubai

Alsun Translation prides itself on having an expert team of highly qualified translators in Dubai who have the sufficient knowledge, linguistic potentials and hands-on experience required to provide added-value and accurate translation of your documents. Our professional translators have the ability to express highly sophisticated ideas and terms in simple words and straightforward language due to their deep knowledge and expertise in their fields of specification.

 If you are looking for a sworn translator in Dubai  for all your documents and projects, look no more and rest assured that your documents will be accurately translated and delivered as soon as humanly possible within the agreed time frame.

The Languages and Documents we translate!

We translate most of the European, Asian and African languages, including:

Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Urdu, Tamil, Hindi,  Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Norwegian, Turkish, Swedish, Czech, Estonian, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Georgian, Albania, Macedonian, Maltese, and Armenian…etc.

We translate everything varying from simple certificates to complicated technical projects, including the following documents:

Official documents, laws & legalizations, contracts, MOA, court pleading & judgments, legal certificates, declarations, company profile, brochures, newsletters, catalogues, press releases, annual reports, hotel brochures and travel and tourism manuals, training manuals, education and learning materials, curriculum, theses, and HR policies and presentations, automotive brochures, energy materials, science and technology, IT, telecommunication, accounting, insurance, banking, auditing, economic materials, Medical reports, discharge summaries, medical books and hospital directories

Our Quality Standards

As a certified translation agency in Dubai, Alsun Translation follows strict quality control processes in all our translation projects by applying the provisions of DIN EN 15038 Quality Standard for Translation Services and ISO 9001:2008 International Standard for Quality Management. Our success lies in our adherence to Translation Industry Standards in terms of quality, time commitment, confidentiality, professional management and customer satisfaction. By following industry standards and latest translation techniques, Alsun Translation exceeds your expectations for precision, high quality, timely delivery and cost-effectiveness and leaves you with a lasting desire to go back translation services dubai .

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Legal translation

Our legal projects are translated only by specialized legal translators who have the sufficient legal background, linguistic potentials, experiences and academic degrees in this field.

Financial translation

Our financial translators are very familiar with the financial and accounting standards of each region in the world and so the rules and systems of the financial markets around the world.

Technical translation

We employ only the technical translators who have the knowledge, extensive expertise, and linguistic faculty in technical field and are familiar with the technical jargons in both the target and source languages.

Medical Translation

We have a specialized team of medical translators who have the proven experience and academic degrees necessary for perfect translation of your medical and pharmaceutical materials.

Marketing translation

Marketing materials are translated only by professional linguists having marketing and local market experience to take the message and recreate it for a target language

Software Translation

We adapt each software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements and preferences of target audience so as to ensure its optimal merchantability.

Oil & Gas Translation

Our clients are supported by translation professionals who have hands-on experience and know-how in well drilling, petrochemical products, refining, oil and gas services…etc.

Business Translation

With the aim of enhancing your business and effective communication, we provide the services of writing, editing and proofreading the content of your business letters, plans, newsletters, and advertisements…etc.